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Liebe & Schmerz – Kurt E. Schneider: Ein wissenschaftlicher Blick auf die Gefühlswelt

Western concepts of self


The concept of self is not uniformly defined, neither in the philosophical nor in psychological fields. The following is a brief discussion of some modern concepts of self, illustrating the diversity of the Western concept of self. Self psychology has developed in the context of narcissistic and »»

How feelings can be defined


The definition of feelings in the mirror of science Clearly, defining feelings and their triggers is a task that generations of scientists and philosophers have been gritting their teeth on. In contrast to the popular view which assumes sensory perception as the trigger of emotion, modern feedback »»

realities we live In


In my view, the main reality corresponds to the reality functioning optimally in each case for a certain culture in a certain geographic-climatic environment for a certain time. In all tightly organized advanced cultures, an obvious advantage results from the programmed securing of regularly »»

Dr. Kurt Eugen Schneider
Dr. Kurt Eugen Schneider